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Client Testimonials

Mark changed the way I look. The gym is my religion and Mark my preacher!

Gregg - Age 47, Bellport, NY

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark for the past three years. I've worked with a number of trainers over the years, but I can easily state that Mark is one of the best. One of the things that has alwayst impressed me the most is his attention to form. You can be assured that when you are working out with Mark that you will alway be doing your excercises correctly, with the maximum results and no injuries. I always recommend him to all my friends and will continue to do so.

Barry - Age 56, Bellport, NY

I feel like a completely different person than I did a year ago thanks to Mark. I started going to him to lose weight for my wedding but I've continued to stay on even after the wedding because of how great it makes me feel. I told Mark when I started that I was the least athletic person he'd probably ever met but I feel like that has changed now. Mark changes up my workouts so I'm never bored and I'm constantly learning new things. I can't wait for him to find a place and to start back again. I'm going through withdrawal! (Client was from my studio)

Desiree - Age 30, Bohemia NY

My first day training with Mark I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous, afraid, I was scared of myself and who I became since I gain so much weight. Mark made me feel so comfortable with myself that I knew I found an amazing trainer and a great friend. Training with him I started to be more confident in myself and I thank you so much for everything u have taught me. I walk with my head up higher because of u, nothing will stand in my way anymore:) thanks again Mark.

Natalie - Age 27, Mastic NY

I've been training with Mark for about two and a half years. I've gotten older but I feel stronger! I do things now without even thinking that I might have struggled with before. Example - I was swapping out two propane tanks and when I went to put them in my Jeep, instead of one at a time, two hands, without even thinking I picked up one in each hand and put them both in the back at the same time! I notice the strength gains every day - it has enabled me at 53 to still play ice hockey with guys 1/2 my age. Try it out - you'll like it!

David - Age 53, North Patchogue

I have been training with Mark for almost a year now. I haven't felt this good. I feel like I can do anything, and always go the extra mile now. Even training at home - it still works! I get just as good a workout at home as I did at the gym with Mark!

Dawn - Age 47,  Sayville, NY

Training with Mark is the best gift my fiance ever got me. 2.5 years ago she got me a package of sessions to train with Mark and I havent missed a week since then!

Whatever your goals are, having a set schedule with a motivating individual like Mark will keep you on the path to success. Mark has helped me get into great shape that will help me in my career. He has helped people do everything, from train for the military, lose weight, or just stay active!

The gift of good health and fitness is the best gift anyone can give! Instead of buying some gift that the person doesnt really need, why not give them the key to a door leading to healthy living? A couple of sessions will have you feeling great and wanting more!

And no, Mark didnt pay me to write this! I just want to share with everyone so that others can get into shape and feel as great as I do.

Tim - Age 25, Patchogue, NY

I agree with Tim! I have never felt better or looked better since training with Mark - he's a great trainer, motivator and friend! I was so sad when he told me about losing fitness on the bay because of the hurricane!!! I wasnt just upset for him, but also for me - I thought I wasn't going to be able to train with him anymore! However, he's been training me in my home and its been working out beautifully!! Mark has been able to use various items I have, and ones that he brings too, to give me an exceptional workout! I'm so thankful that he's been able to do the in home personal training! He has been able to push me beyond limits I ever thought I could reach! I was skeptic starting with a trainer because in the past I never had success - however, working with Mark has made me a believer in myself and my abilities! I thank him immensely for everything! All the positive and motivating talks when I have a "fat" day and he reminds me to focus on the "areas" that I like and to look at the progress I've made in the "areas" I wasn't so happy with. With his gentle encouragement he has gotten me to concentrate on more positive aspects of my life and my body!!

Mark Falk has also
helped my son Anthony! He has come a long way and continuing to become more confident and stronger each week!! Having Mark to train with is an absolute gift!! I appreciate all he has done for me and my son thank you!!

Stacey - Age 40, North Patchogue, NY

"Upon my first meeting with Mark I thought to myself, I hope I don't embarrass myself too much. After a year of being a couch potato, flabby and tired all the time, I decided it was time to do something. At our first meeting he explained that he would be giving me a fitness evaluation to see where I stood. Outwardly I smiled, but inside I was hoping that I made it through the evaluation. As we finished he asked me to bend over and touch my toes, I panicked, thinking there is no way I can do that. Despite my past involvement with yoga, kickboxing, etc, I have never been able to touch my toes; at best I touch my knees. So I reached over and struggled to tap my kneecaps, thinking, 'this is bad'.

Fast forward to 4 months later after working with Mark 2-3x a week, the changes that I have seen and felt have been amazing. I have dropped weight, and felt better than I have felt in years. Gone are the 1-2 hour naps I needed after work, my energy level is soaring. Gone are the mood swings and insomnia brought on by menopause, on workout days I go to bed at a normal hour and sleep like a baby. I am calmer, more relaxed and more motivated than ever to take care of myself. Mark has consistently encouraged me to push myself, yet he does it in a way that is positive, not punitive. Too often trainers push their clients to the point of pain, that is never the case with Mark. He works you hard, but is always checking in to see how I feel. At 50 years old that is much appreciated. His knowledge about what is right for the client makes you feel secure under his instruction. He is dedicated to bringing out the best in his clients, encouraging lifestyle changes, not quick fixes.

This has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time, I recommend Fitness Shadow and Mark Falk to anyone regardless of the shape you are in. By the way after 4 months I am happy to report that I can not just touch my toes, but I can easily reach the floor! A little goal for some, but a huge goal for me!!!" ---B.K. Female Age 50, Sayville, NY

"Wow! What a difference Mark has made in my son’s life. He’s 13yrs old and had become a couch potato and video game drone. Although he still ate healthy food and snacks he was steadily gaining weight because he wasn’t moving. The turning point came when he dropped out of Lacrosse because he couldn’t keep up during practice. He had developed Exercise Induced Asthma and didn’t want to let his team down. He felt bad. As a parent the last thing you want to see is your child hurting and their self-esteem suffer. His doctor said he had to lose weight and start exercising regularly and we could possibly reverse the situation. That’s where Mark came in. His great attitude and personal commitment to my son and his health have been amazing. The results outstanding! He’s lost a pant size, the belly, and has not had an Asthma attack. More importantly, he looks and feels better. He really enjoys working with Mark and has fun at the same time! As a freshman in High School he has more confidence in himself and is looking forward to Lacrosse. Fitness Shadow should be a part of our kid’s daily life!" -- Odette, Medford

UPDATE: Zach is now 17. After this Testimonial, he went down to 148lbs and 18% body fat. The girls love him! He started at 5' tall, 168lbs, and 34.5% body fat. After his first six months, he had no signs of exercise induced asthma, and shortly after he was down to the above body fat and weight. He's now 5'6", 155lbs of muscle...and athletic! Good job Zach!

"I don't normally enjoy working out, but Mark makes it fun -- and most importantly, you get noticeable results with Mark. I feel more fit and healthy than I've had in years. I can't believe how much stronger I got from our work-outs. If I could, I'd work out with Mark every day ... he is a great personal trainer and a great motivator -- exactly what you need if you want to get in shape and can't do it on your own!" -- Winnie S, Hauppauge, New York

"I've never really looked forward to working out. Then I found out I could do it in my home, and not have to worry about babysitters, or driving back and forth in a rush. Mark's a personal trainer that you can enjoy. His workouts are fun, I feel better, and I feel like I know what my workouts do for me, not just how they make me feel and look! I've been on weight watchers and lost weight, but not that much fat percentage as Mark pointed out. I've reduced my body fat by over 2% in the last 6 weeks, my pants fit better, I feel stronger, and he keeps coming up with these incredible workouts so I'm never bored. I'd recommend him to anyone in any shape!" Joan - Farmingville, Long Island

“Mark truly is a ‘Fitness Shadow’. He inspires you with tailor-made workouts bringing the personal trainer fitness experience to your home. I can now focus on my own progress without feeling discouraged by having to share a facility with more advanced gym members. Twenty minutes of cardio flies by with fun activities like boxing and stepping. Mark not only trains, he educates too. During my training sessions I’ve learned that working out does so much more for my body than to simply allow me to fit into my favorite pair of jeans again. I’m standing taller and feeling better, and colleagues are asking me what my secret is.” Tina - Blue Point, Long Island


Weight Loss Success

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26 Reasons to Exercise

1. Achieve and maintain goal weight
2. Build muscle (lean tissue)
3. Increase strength and endurance
4. Increase metabolism, burn fat
5. Improve mobility
6. Improve skin elasticity
7. Enhance mood
8. Improve self-esteem
9. Lower blood pressure
10. Lower blood sugar
11. Lower Health Risks (Diabetes, Heart failure, pulmonary disease!)
12. Improve heart and lung function
13. Increase Libido
14. Help with smoking cessation
15. Strengthen bones and reduce bone loss
16. Increase energy level
17. Improve lipids (increase HDL/lower LDL)
18. Improve posture
19. Improve mental alertness and memory
20. Promote sleep
21. Decrease stress, depression, and anxiety
22. Improve flexibility
23. Increase capacity for physical work
24. Increase life expectancy
25. Reduce stiffness in joints
26. Your Personal Trainer said so! :-)





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