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Below are Fitness Shadows Long Island In Home and Gym Personal Training Services. If you don't find what you're looking for, just let us know. We're more than happy to help you any way we can. Our programs are geared toward changing your body through weight loss, and lean tissue building as well as increasing endurance and muscle strength!
Using Zoom Meeting software, training is easy and fun and you never have to leave your home. Get the same level of training you would face to face!! Any location, any state, any time, from our state of the art studio!

One On One 60 Minute Sessions - Personalized, one on one sessions that maximize results, and help to create the body you want in the best time possible.

One on One 30 Minute Sessions - Not enough time, but need a great workout 2 or more times a week? Very little rest, you burn calories and build that body. Our Most Popular Personal Training Packages

Couples, Friends and Relatives - Who said it has to be a solitary process. Do it with your spouse, kids, friends or relatives. 2-3 at a time and save, and have some laughs!

Kids Fitness - Weight loss, General Health, Sports Conditioning. Many clients are kids. We've had great success with children from 10 - 17 years old. Contact us and let's discuss how best to help your children. They're worth it.

Phone and Online Training - This is a great one for those who don't have the time, and they can do it from anywhere. You're sent workouts each week to be done 3 times a week, or we can call you and go through the workouts together.

Other Specific Services
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Weight Loss Success

 with Text Messages
26 Reasons to Exercise

1. Achieve and maintain goal weight
2. Build muscle (lean tissue)
3. Increase strength and endurance
4. Increase metabolism, burn fat
5. Improve mobility
6. Improve skin elasticity
7. Enhance mood
8. Improve self-esteem
9. Lower blood pressure
10. Lower blood sugar
11. Lower Health Risks (Diabetes, Heart failure, pulmonary disease!)
12. Improve heart and lung function
13. Increase Libido
14. Help with smoking cessation
15. Strengthen bones and reduce bone loss
16. Increase energy level
17. Improve lipids (increase HDL/lower LDL)
18. Improve posture
19. Improve mental alertness and memory
20. Promote sleep
21. Decrease stress, depression, and anxiety
22. Improve flexibility
23. Increase capacity for physical work
24. Increase life expectancy
25. Reduce stiffness in joints
26. Your Personal Trainer said so! :-)




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